Adder Varis


Only known as “Av,” my actual name is lost due to so long in seclusion.

Druid, half-elf, Hermit, neutral leaning good.

Personality: Silent, will not speak even if spoken to. Will acknowledge if addressed but not verbally. Oblivious to social etiquette.

Ideals: Emotions must not cloud our sense of logical thinking.

Bonds: Entered seclusion to hide from those who would do me harm. I must confront them someday.

Flaws: Dogmatic in my thoughts and philosophy. I CAN NOT allow an animal to come to harm.

Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Master Herbalist


Slender, fine smooth features even for living in the wild for so long. Medium length auburn beard, brilliant green eyes. Elven tribal tattoos across back, shoulders, chest.

Arrested for a crime I did not commit. Escaped into exile where for 200 years.

Adder Varis

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