World of Vestige

The world of Vestige is small, consisting of 3 main islands and many smaller ones. The three main powers are Izul, Atlas, and Ofos. The smaller islands do have a calibration union that calls them self Minstrol.   

Izul was once ruled by a powerful family, Quickthorn, the family has dwindled to two siblings, a brother and sister. The two are twins, ruling seamlessly together. Queen Alesia, the sister, has recently been able to produce a female heir with her lover, Lord Brackenreid. Her brother, King Sayer, is unable to produce heirs due to a curse on all the male in the family, any male Quickthorn, has been unable to produce an heir for two centuries. As of such, the females have been allowed to pass on the family name. For a while the country was in civil unrest  after the curse, but the twins have brought peace back to the country, and life is become pleasant again.
Capital: Crabtree

Ruled by a council of three, elected when the former councilor dies or steps down, each councilor represents one of the three races: a human, an elf, and a dwarf. The other races are generally treated equally, but every now and then there is an uprising which is quickly and sometimes violently ended. Otherwise, the country is relatively stable. Many have found that further from the capital, and the grasp of the Council, the more open minded everyone is towards each other.
Capital: Valfield

Atlas is a country known for its various schools of knowledge, art, and trade crafts. The country participates in a democracy; however, citizenship is required and hard to achieve if you are not a 'native', race not being a factor. Instead, citizenship is based off of blood, one must prove that their family has been born and raised as an Atlantian for a minimum of 10 generations. Often there is a celebration for the first born of the 10th generation, called a Zehngen. Many foreigners do come to Atlas and stay due to it's social openness.
Capital: Hyas

Different than the other countries, Minstrol is conglomeration of several small islands. Some islands are lead by chiefs, others are elected, and some are more violent with the strongest warrior as the leader. The heads of each island have formed a so called "House of Lords", which does not interfere with individual island economics or culture. The House merely deals with international issues, mostly to fend off the military might of the other three nations. If a war was to start, such as it has in the past, each island's military will join together forming the largest force out of the four countries.
"Capital": Island of the House of Lords

World of Vestige

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